Mike Bites Mike Tyson Edibles In Canada

Where to Buy Mike Tyson’s Edibles “Mike Bites” In Canada

Looking for the new Mike Tyson edibles “Mike Bites” in Canada? Find the latest release dates and how to reserve your own here.

Mike Tyson has just launched his new edibles called Mike Bites. As you may have heard these new cannabis edibles are ear-shaped and purposely missing a chunk already, this is of course in reference to his boxing match in which Tyson took a chunk out of Evandar Holyfield’s ear. If you are looking to buy the new “Mike Bites” Mike Tyson Edibles in Canada, continue reading below for updated release info.

These new “Mike Bites” also being called by some “Holy Ears” are already getting high appraisals by those who have had a chance to get their teeth on them, saying they are not only delicious, but pack a punk.

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Where can you get the “Mike Bites” Edibles in Canada?

A recent interview with Yahoo! Finance, Wilks said that Mike Bites’ will be marketed in California this week starting from Thursday, March 17. and will also be sold in Nevada in two weeks time. Soon after that you can bet that as soon as they start shipping them up north, Canadians will be able to get theme here in our edibles section on MOM’s online dispensary, or in some online dispensaries near you.

Mike Bites Cannabis Edibles

Check our latest edibles product selection below, we will have the Mike Tyson Edibles shown here the moment they are available in Canada!

Why is Mike Tyson selling Cannabis Edibles?

Over the years, Mike has shifted his focus to the Cannabis industry. His 418 acre weed-themed resort is just one of his ventures in the Cannabis industry. In the near future he is planning on opening a “Tyson University” which will be focussed on the continued development of the cannabis industry and teaching those looking to learn about growing cannabis and weed cultivation.

Mike Tyson smoking Cannabis

You can get more news about Tysons Cannabis empire at Tyson20.com

To reserve your own Mike Bites here at MOM’s Dispensary, sign up to our newsletter below or register to buy them here

Get $25 Off Your First Purchase

Plus! – Get Additional Coupon Codes To Keep Saving After Your First Purchase.


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