Top Strains To Smoke For Depression

Top Strains for Depression

Finding the right strain in Canada to help with your depression can be tricky. With so many strain options these days, it’s important to know the key differences when finding the right strain to help with your depression. Here are our top 7 recommended strains we know will help you.

Depression is one of the most common mood disorders in Canada, with 8.2% of the population reporting symptoms. This disorder can be incredibly hard to cope with and difficult to treat, especially if someone doesn’t like the idea of traditional medications or hasn’t had any luck with them.

Cannabis has changed the game for people with a variety of medical conditions, and depression is no different. There is at least one large study that has shown that marijuana can treat depression in exciting new ways. Here’s a list of the top strains for depression that could leave you feeling happier, more upbeat, and more ready to face the world!

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is one of the top cannabis strains to fight mood disorders. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and one of its trademarks is producing long-lasting energetic effects. It has THC levels up to 26%, making it very strong.

Many artists and writers love using Pineapple Express to help them get inspired to create new work. If you experience executive dysfunction or have trouble getting out of bed in the morning due to your depression, smoking this strain before school or work could make it easier to get your tasks done!

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights is among the best weed for mood disorders. It will relax your muscles and ease your mind. It’s less likely to cause adverse effects than other strains, as you shouldn’t feel any anxiety when you take it.

Need to relax after a hard day of dealing with a mood disorder? If you sit on the couch and smoke some Northern Lights, you’ll be blissed out in no time. Just make sure you have some snacks within reach!

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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a 60% Indica/40% Sativa hybrid. It’s among the best weed for depression available in Canada, where it’s sometimes called Pink Cookies.

Some people with depression have trouble falling asleep at night. If that sounds like you, Wedding Cake is a great choice to consume before bed because it has a sedative effect that calms your nerves. If you can get better sleep the night before, you’re more likely to wake up feeling awake and optimistic in the morning.

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Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a sativa strain that can be extremely helpful for people fighting depression. The strain can mimic the effects of a strong latte in the morning, giving you energy to complete tasks that are difficult when you have a mood disorder, like cleaning your house or doing homework, while also allowing you to fully focus on them.

One of the things that makes Sour Diesel a top strain for depression is its ability to boost your mood. If your depression is worse than usual, smoking some Sour Diesel could help perk you up and improve your day. If used regularly, some patients say it can make a huge difference in their overall mental health.

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Gelato is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain, combining the active effects of sativa with the calming effects of indica. It produces a euphoric high that can help depression patients forget their worries for a while.

One of the best parts about this strain is that it helps to relieve stress. Many people fighting depression have trouble letting go of negative and stressful things that happen during the day, even when they get home from work. Light up a joint of Gelato and you’ll be able to put all of these thoughts behind you to have a relaxing night.

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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid of two popular strains: OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has a ratio of about 60% indica/40% sativa, as well as a low amount of CBD.

This strain can bring on a feeling of euphoria that will help you unwind after a long day. It can boost your mood by allowing you to relax and stop having negative thought patterns. You’ll get some energy spikes during your high, which will help you to have fun and laugh at your favorite show or movie on the TV.

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This strain has different properties from the others mentioned so far. Pennywise, named for the infamous killer clown, is some of the best cannabis for depression because it contains approximately a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

CBD has been all the rage for the past few years, and for good reason. Studies have shown that it helps with a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, so when paired with cannabis, it’s very likely that you should see some relief from your negative moods. You’ll feel fewer psychoactive effects with this CBD-heavy strain, but the happy vibes you’ll experience after consuming the strain will probably be even stronger.

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Cannabis and your Mental Health

Cannabis can have a profound effect on people with depression. You can pick a strain and smoke it regularly, or experiment with a few options, choosing each strain to different situations. No matter how you choose to use them, you’re very likely to see some positive results by smoking, vaping, or taking edibles of any of these top strains for depression!


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