Top 10 Indica Strains Canada - Strongest Indica

The Top 10 Most Potent Indica Cannabis Strains in 2022

Mom’s Online Dispensary Breaks Down The Top 10 Most Potent Indica Strains in Canada in 2021

What Indica Strains are the strongest?

If you are new to the cannabis world, you might be wondering about the impacts of Indica – well, let us give you a simple trick to remember. Indica is often referred to as the couchlock strain –  meaning Indica strains offer that intense relaxing feeling that leaves you relaxing on your couch watching Netflix. But, of course, this is only one of the many benefits of Indica strains!

What are the benefits of strong Indica strains?

Not only does Indica help you to relax, but many smokers have also reported the positive effects of reducing nausea, increasing appetite, helping with anxiety and depression. So whether you are looking to smoke for fun or medicinal purposes, Indica strains are ideal for many purposes! 

In comparison with Sativa strains, Indica strains tend to have higher THC levels that result in a more potent high. The high THC level is what creates that couchlock feeling. Many cannabis consumers choose to smoke Indica strains at night time due to the intense high and relaxation. In addition, Indica strains can be great for those who suffer from sleeping complications. 

Strongest Indica Stains in Canada

Since most Indica strains offer a strong potency level, we thought breaking down the strong strains made sense. Here is a list of what we have discovered to be some of the most potent Indica strains: 

Updated April 26 2022

Bonus Strains

Pink Kush Indica
Moonbeam Kush

OG Strains

  1. Grand Daddy Purple
  2. Blue Cheese
  3. Kosher Kush
  4. Do-Si-Dos
  5. Purple Kush
  6. Banana Kush
  7. Skywalker OG
  8. Green Gelato
  9. Strawberry Banana 
  10. Death Star

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Pink Kush Indica

Pink Kush Indica

The legendary Indica Pink Kush carries on the legacy, delivering a potent body high that’s very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming and intensely euphoric, with happiness and a powerful case of the munchies. It’s a versatile tool for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite, migraines and other headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia. With a THC of nearly 29% – this is certainly amongst Canadas strongest strains and still on of the most popular strains in Canada.

Moonbeam Kush

Moonbeam Kush Indica

Moonbeam Kush is a rare 100% pure indica hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy. This strains high comes on fast and hard, hitting the mind first before slowly reaching throughout the rest of the body. You’ll feel a sharp increase in euphoria and sociability almost immediately, leaving you happily carrying on conversations with those around you with ease. A relaxing and super lazy body high comes next, locking you to the couch and leaving you highly sedated and possibly immovable for hours on end. With these effects and THC level and high CBD level, Moonbeam Kush is the perfect highly medicinal strain to treat conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, inflammation and insomnia.

Grand Daddy Purple Strain

Grand Daddy Purple Strain

This hybrid Indica strain is a favourite among the purple buds. It is a cross between Purple Urkle and Bid bud, which provides a sweet fruity flavour and scent. Like most Indica strains, it holds a high THC level that usually ranges between 20-27% and CBD at 1%. However, with those levels, Grand Daddy Purple offers many benefits.

If you are looking for a strain to help deal with insomnia, stress or anxiety – Grand Daddy Purple is your best friend. It is an excellent smoke at the end of the day that will help you sleep through the night. 

Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese Strain

Just like the real blue cheese, Blue Cheese Indica strain offers a unique taste and smell. It is an excellent Indica strain for medicinal and recreational users – it is great for everyone! 

So you might be asking, does it smell like blue cheese? Well, the answer is yes! And berries! Blue Cheese Indica strain offers a unique aroma that many find intoxicating, giving it some popularity. With THC levels reaching between 20-25% Blue Cheese hits hard and is excellent for the end of the day. Some of the reported benefits include: pain relief, helps with anxiety and stress, and sleeping problems. 

Kosher Kush Strain

Kosher Kush Strain

Kosher Kush is one unique Indica strain. Its history is somewhat unknown therefore giving it an interesting presence in the cannabis world. However, thanks to reports from cannabis consumers, we can know the incredible benefits of the Kosher Kush Indica strain. 

Let’s start with the critical information – it offers a 20-25% THC level, a strong herbal scent and a lemony pine flavour. If you are thinking what we are thinking – this sounds delightful! Not only does Kosher Kush feel, smell and taste good – it also offers many benefits. 

We highly recommend consuming Kosher Kush as an end-of-the-day smoke due to its high potency. It will leave you feeling relaxed after a long day, ready to sit down and binge-watch your favourite show on Netflix. 

Do-So-Do Strain

Do-Si-Dos Strain

This match is made in heaven – intense Indica cannabis strain and Girl Scout Cookies, well, not literally! In reality, Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid strain developed from Girl Scout Cookies strain, OG Kush Breath and Face Off OG. This combination offers a hard-hitting high with many positive effects. 

Do-Si-Dos strain can offer up to 30% THC levels that will leave any cannabis consumer happy. In addition, it provides a strong scent that resembles the cookie it is named after (if you are Canadian, you might know these cookies better as the Peanut Butter sandwich from the Girl Scouts) – a blend of citrus, nuts and pine. If you are looking for a new end-of-the-day smoking option, we highly recommend trying out the Do-Si-Dos Indica strain. 

Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush strain is an Indica fan favourite! Offering a consistent THC level of at least 22% always hits hard and leaves the consumer feeling euphoric and relaxed. In addition, purple Kush is a hybrid of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains, giving it its strong potency level. 

Purple Kush is an ideal strain whether you are smoking for recreation or medicinal purposes. Its intense THC levels offer several positive benefits like an immediate feeling of euphoria and happiness, followed by an intense, stress-free relaxation sensation. What more could you ask for?

Banaka Kush Strain

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush is a fan favourite for those who love banana-flavoured everything! Not only does it taste and smell like banana, but it also offers a decent high. The THC levels usually range from 18-25% and a low CBD level of 0.1%. These provide significant benefits for any smoker. 

This is another nighttime option, offering substantial sleep-inducing benefits that will help with any sleeping difficulties. 

Skywalker OG Strain

Skywalker OG Strain

Skywalker OG is one of those tried, tested, and true Indica strains – it is a fan favourite with most experienced smokers. It offers a THC level of 20-25% hard-hitting and long-lasting – just what you want from an Indica strain. 

Skywalker OG is developed from crossing the Skywalker and OG Kush strains, creating intense THC levels. This strain will leave you feeling happily relaxed on the couch and ready to rest up for the next day! It has also been reported to be beneficial for helping with chronic pain, stress and mild depression. 

Green Gelato Strain

Green Gelato Strain

The Green Gelato strain is slightly different from the other strains we have talked about due to its somewhat low Indica levels. This hybrid developed from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains have a 55% Indica level; however it offers a 25% THC level. So yes, not heavy on the Indica side but certainly still potent! 

With such a high level of THC, Green Gelato offers many benefits for the smoker! So unlike our couchlock/nighttime strains previously discussed, this Indica strain provides you with the help of feeling relaxed while continuing with your tasks. If this is your goal for the Green Gelato strain, we recommend starting low and going slow! 

Strawberry Banana Strain

Strawberry Banana Strain

Just like the name describes – this is an ideal match! Everyone loves a good strawberry banana combination. The same goes for this strain – comprised of the Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum strains. This Indica hybrid offers a substantial 70% Indica level. This high Indica percentage helps create intense THC levels that usually hit at least 26%. 

Strawberry Banana Indica hybrid strain offers strong effects that are beneficial to many! Some of the reported benefits have included couchlock, sedation effects, pain relief, stress relief, and helps with loss of appetite. We also recommend this strain as a nighttime smoke due to its strong sedation effects. 

Death Star Strain

Death Star Strain

The name says it all! If you are familiar with the Death Star, it is the Empire’s ultimate weapon – and the Indica hybrid strain is very much the same thing. Developed by crossbreeding Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, Death Star offers many benefits for the cannabis consumer. It holds a 75% Indica level, and THC levels usually hit the high 20s (27% on average). 

Smokers have reported that Death Star offers calming effects that can help with insomnia and nausea. 

Final Thoughts

Indica strains offer so many different benefits that there is indeed a strain for every cannabis consumer. So whether you are new to the cannabis world or a long-time patron, you will be able to find an Indica strain that will hit you just the way you want. Just remember that typically Indica strains are better for nighttime consumption due to the couchlock factor. So whatever strain you choose – make sure you have your snacks and Netflix ready to go! 

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