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Top 10 Edibles In Canada 2022

MOMs Online Dispensary reviews the Best Edibles in Canada in 2022 available at local dispensaries and online dispensaries in Canada.

As you already know, edibles are the best alternative to smoking cannabis. Since their legislation shortly after the initial original cannabis legislation in 2017 they are more and more popular every day due to the fact that they are the most discreet way of consuming cannabis, the longer and stronger effectiveness of the high and for some the preference of smoke-free alternative. 

Here are MOM’s Online Dispensary top recommendations for the best and top-rated edible brands and products in Canada. Each edible brand is verified and trusted with user reviews and ratings as well as lab testing. On top of these recommendations coming from user ratings and sales popularity, we keep the list to those brands that are available across the country.  

The Effects Of Edibles

If you are new to edibles and looking for a list on where to start, a few things to keep in mind are the intensity and longevity of the effects produced by edibles. They are dependent upon many factors such as weight, food eaten prior to consumption, and your metabolic rate. The effects of edibles typically last about double the time of smoking cannabis and have more of a body high rather than a head high, but this can also vary between the edibles themselves. 

The Best Edibles in Canada

Updated February 2022

Ganja Edibles – Sour Cocks

Ganja Edibles

Ganja Cocks Gummies are hand crafted artisanal premium infused edibles. The edibles are some of the best tasting and best dosed medical edible products on the market. Each thc gummy is infused with exactly 60mg of pure cannabis oil that is lab tested and of food gradel. The essential Terpenes from the Cannabis flower have been reintroduced for a more effective entourage effect, and a more balanced euphoric experience without any hangover.

Pixie Plums Gummies Edibles

Pixie Plums Gummies

Pixie Plums are a new edibles brand in 2021 and these quickly become one of our personal favourites. One bite of these juicy flavoured gummies will instantly transport you down the ice cream aisle at an Asian grocery store. These pack a punch, so start low and go slow. You can easily find yourself on ride with these, and very quickly. As with all the edibles listed on this post, these of course are lab tested and trusted!

Fat Boy Edibles Canada

Fat Boy Gummies

Fat Boy makes some delicious cannabis infused gummies that come in a variety of delicious, fun and fruity flavours. Based in Vancouver, BC, Fat Boy’s edibles are made with some of the highest quality cannabis British Columbia has to offer. If you are looking for a strong edible that gives a full body experience. This is the one right here!

Shatter Bars Canada

Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars

Euphoria Extractions promises lab-tested, full spectrum extracts sourced from the finest Canadian growers. After years of testing different extraction methods, strains, and ingredients, EE has fine-tuned the chocolate bars to the perfect combination of flavour and effect. These are super potent, but manageable for accurate dosing. These have become a favourite across Canada and a go-to-edible when you are not sure what to get!

BuudaBomb Gummies Edibles

BuudaBombs Gummies

Made with a taste defying formula, these bad boys taste delicious and hit hard in the best of ways. Thanks to BuudaBomb’s Super PureTM Distilled THC, it’s only good times ahead after having one of these. So in the famous words of Barney Stinson, “suit up!”.  These cannabis-infused edibles are all cooked in a commercial kitchen and lab tested to ensure a reliable and consistent dosage of THC.

Vegan Mint Dark Chocolate

Euphoria Extractions Vegan Mint Dark Chocolate Shatter Bars

A bar that reaches higher for our edible-experienced consumers. A Sugar-Free Vegan Dark Chocolate Edible Chocolate bar with pieces that melt in your mouth. An edible that suits your Vegan/keto lifestyle without compromise. Sugar-free, so you can skip the carbs while staying elevated. Toss one of these in your purse or pack and never be without your potent partner. 

Essential Sour Gummies

Essential Sour Gummies

Essential Edibles is something you want to try if you are looking for premium THC infused gummies. These infused THC gummies are 30mg for each piece. I would not recommend more than 2 at a time for experienced users and definitely a max of just one for beginners. 

Mike Bites Edibles Canada

Mike Bites – Mike Tyson Edibles

These new edibles from the Tyson 2.0 Mike Tyson Cannabis line sure are getting a lot of attention. From the clever branding to the “holy ear” missing chunk these new edibles pack a punch. Get more info and availability here.

Conclusion: The Best Edibles in Canada!

We hope our best edibles guide has helped you discover some new industry leading cannabis products and brands and helped you decide on what edibles to buy for your next adventure. The Canadian cannabis market is growing and we hope this list has opened up some new possibilities in regards to the best edibles in Canada as established by sales, reviews and availability across Canada.

Don’t forget! Get your edibles from trusted sources and brands. Make sure that they are lab tested so you can have a highly safe experience. 

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