The 7 Best Hash To Try In Canada

For some cannabis users, the idea of smoking hash is a new one – however, the origins of hash or hashish are quite historical from the Afghanistan area. The best kinds of hash are developed from the Hindu Kush and Russian border. Overtime hash has grown in popularity and availability – we are here to break it all down for you!

Where does hash come from?

If you are new to the cannabis community, you may be wondering where hash comes from or even what is hash – the first thing you need to know is that hash is a cannabis concentrate. It is the product of collecting resin, trichomes from cannabis plants and condensing them into a brick-like substance. Since the hash is developed from a dense combination of mature plants, it often can leave a resin on the hands – it is essential you store hash correctly.

How to store your hash

You will want to use an air-tight container and put it in a dark place. This will help the longevity and potency of your hash. Storing your hash in a dark, cool place in an air-tight container will ensure that your hash stays stronger for longer. We also recommend using a humidity pack within the container – this will keep it at its peak! You will need a grinder to break up the hash so you can smoke or vape! 

The Best Hash Available In Canada

Finally let’s look at the top hash to try that is available in Canada. Hash has always been a popular cannabis product in Canada. People have trusted the benefits of smoking hash and enjoying the effects for many years with its long history. If you are considering trying hash for the first time, we will break down some of your best options, and for those who are shopping around you will enjoy the details on the different strains available. 

MOM’s Online Dispensary Top 7 Hash

Here is our list of the top 7 hash on the market! We will break down the effects to help you make an informed decision when purchasing hash for the first time or the 100th time! 

Zen Hash

Buy Zen Hash

Zen hash is an Indica dominant hash that is a great way to end the day. If you have nothing else going on for the rest of your day, you will be happy to smoke or vape a little bit of this to put you in the next level of relaxation. This is a famous hash when available – so act quickly when you see it! 

Afghan Phoenix Hash

AfghanPhoenix Hash - Quadzilla Cannabis
Buy Afghan Phoenix Hash

This hash hits hard – but in a good way! Afghan Phoenix hash provides a relaxing and euphoric high that many find ideal. For those who feel they are a hash connoisseur, this is an absolute must-try. But, againThen, we – this is a popular one when you can find it, so make sure to grab it when you see it! 

Mazar Sharif Premium Hash

Buy Mazar Sharif Premium Hash

Another famous hash is the Mazar Sharif Premium hash – this Indica dominant strain offers many benefits. If you are looking for a relaxing and mood-boosting high, this is an ideal hash. It also provides soothing benefits that can be great for the end of the day. Coming out of the Hindu Kush mountain regions, this hash has a unique texture that makes it easier to smoke than most other hash. 

Red Lebanese Premium Hash

Buy Red Lebanese Premium Hash

This well-known, almost famous, hash offers so much! It is one of the most popular strains on the market today. It overs a potent high that is ideal for any smoking scenario. Whether you want to smoke it on its own or add it to other cannabis, you will immediately notice the benefits of this hash. Red Lebanese Premium Hash is top quality! 

Diamond Hash

Buy Diamond Hash

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and so is the diamond hash! To be more accurate, the diamond hash is everyone’s best friend. This potent hash offers strong relaxing qualities with a clean, euphoric high. So you will not go wrong choosing Diamond hash. 

Rockstar Hash

Buy Rockstar Hash

Rockstar Hash is an Indica dominant hash – however, it is a special one! This Indica hash does not come with the typical sedative effects you would expect from an Indica. Instead, Rockstar hash offers strong medicinal benefits that will help one cope with anxiety, depression, stress and chronic aches/pains. So instead of feeling sleepy – Rockstar Hash offers all of the medicinal benefits of an Indica strain. 

Black Dragon – Gold Seal Afgani Hash

Buy Black Dragon Gold Seal Hash

Since hash’s origins lie in Afghanistan – it only makes sense that Black Dragon – Gold Seal Afghani Hash is top notch! This strong hash offers a smooth smoke with a potent high. You feel a relaxing body buzz that will help you rest at the end of a long day. 

Conclusion: What Hash Should I buy 

Hash is tried, tested and true – and if you choose any of the strains mentioned above you are guaranteed to have a good high! It is important to make sure you have what you need to smoke and enjoy your hash correctly. Check out our how to smoke hash article to see all the necessary tools to have the best experience possible! 


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