Best Cannabis For Joint Pain

The Best Cannabis Strains for Joint Pain

Over the last couple of years, marijuana has become a popular form of treatment for arthritis patients. It is especially useful if you want to avoid the potentially awful side effects of using pharmaceutical pain relievers.

If you’re taking medical or recreational marijuana for joint pain, our customers and and other experienced cannabis users have recommended the following strains for joint or arthritic pain making your day a little easier and more comfortable. While these strains vary in THC and CBD content, they all work great for pain relief. Remember to read up about a strains effects to make sure its the right one for your needs, but don’t get too caught up in the details, many will try a few different strains till they find the right one that works for them.

Why does cannabis help with joint pain and arthritis?

While cannabis can’t cure arthritis or slow disease progression, there are studies that demonstrate it can help relieve arthritis pain as well as address sleep issues and anxiety. When looking for a strain to help with arthritis, choose strains that are CBD-dominant. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help with pain relief for joint pain, arthritis and other ailments.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a very popular Indica strain for pain relief and relaxation. This strain is known around the world and has become a father to many hybrid strains. It gives a couch-lock and almost body-numbing effect but also serves great for mental relaxation to help unwind after a a difficult day. If you also need help sleeping to get you through some of that pain, this will do the trick. Because of its popularity, you’ll usually find this strain stocked or on back order. Get it when you can!

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) 

This hybrid strain is well-known for its relaxing qualities, but is another strain known for its more medicinal benefits. If you are not an avid cannabis user, please go easy with this one. It’s a very potent strain that will sit you right down if you are not used to it. Even for those with more experience, its usually advised to savour this one slowly.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a very desirable Sativa cannabis strain. Sativa strains will give you a nice energy with your buzz, and while it is a potent THC strain, it will leave you with a mindful and uplifting high. You’ll not only experience pain relief but you’ll feel happy and energized throughout the day.

If you’re interested in Sour Diesel it can be a lot easier to find in many local dispensaries or here on MOM’s online dispensary as it is a very in demand strain.

White Widow

White Widow is another strong cannabis strain, so as mentioned before it’s not ideal for beginners. But if you want a relaxing cannabis strain that will help you sleep off your aches and pains, this is the strain to try. This Indica-dominant hybrid; is a bit more relaxing but Indica hybrids minimize the couch-lock effects.

White Widow strain is commonly used by patients with pain such as arthritis and also with insomnia and anxiety. White Widow gets its name from its white buds and crystal resin. This strain will help you sleep in a wonderful euphoric state.


Blueberry is a classic marijuana strain — it was founded in the ’70s and has been popular since. It’s the perfect strain for patients suffering from anxiety but it’s also a great strain for pain sufferers.

Even though this is a high THC strain, it’s also a high CBD strain which takes away a bit of the THC effects, leaving you feeling relaxed but also your body, healing some of your aches and pains for the long-term.


Harlequin is a high CBD Sativa strain that’s one of the most popular pain-relieving strains. Even though it’s a Sativa, it’s very soothing; you’ll have a clear head and won’t get a sudden burst of energy, and due to its high CBD content, its pain relief comes on quickly.

Since this strain does contain a little bit of THC, you should still be cautious on its day time use during work hours.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is what you need specifically for removing nerve pain, but since it’s a high-CBD Indica strain, it will also put you to sleep. Afghan Kush is also a great strain for those who are new to using marijuana for its medical benefits. While it will leave you feeling tired, you won’t experience the mind-numbing and couch-locking effects.

Jack Herer 

A name all too familia, Jack Herer usually weighing in on the sativa side, fights off pain while promoting blissful, clear-headed, creative effects. It’s a popular option for patients experiencing general pain symptoms as well as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and of course joint paint or arthritis.


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