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  • AAAA

    Stripper Spit

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    AAAAA – THC 29% CBD 0.40% – Otherwise known as “Angel Cookies” or “Angel Spit”, this gorgeous strain is the child of the Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. The smoke is smooth on the inhale and packs a major euphoric punch. Stripper Spit’s frosty buds carry a unique blend of aromas from diesel, to floral notes, to hints of licorice. This strain is sure to melt away stress and leave you feeling uplifted and happy. We are currently out of stock: check out our AAAA weed here!

  • Flowers

    Purple God

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    THC 29% CBD 0.20% – AAAA – Purple God is a rare indica-dominant hybridbred by Chalice Farms. Its high THC content and long lasting body effects make it ideal for treating depressioninsomnia, muscle spasms, anxietychronic pain and stress. The plant boasts dusty green buds that fluffy, shaped as spades, and carry bright orange hairs and thick frostyamber crystals. It aromais earthy, pungent, fruity and spicy. The taste is also fruity and spicy, with herbs and grape. Purple God strain is recommended for evening use. Purple God cannabis strain gives a strong body effects. It starts with an euphoric boost that is hazy and makes you lose focus. Your body starts to tingle and you become relaxed, couch locked and very sedated. Soon you go to a peaceful sleep.

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