Best Magic Mushrooms To Try In Canada

Our 3 Favorite Magic Mushrooms To Try

Looking to try magic mushrooms? We review the top 3 magic mushrooms in Canada for your first shroom trip with a breakdown on how they work and recommendations for your first magic mushroom experience.

Magic mushrooms have been used around the world for over 6,000 years, and their effects are out of this world. There’s currently a lot of buzz around the idea that microdosing mushrooms can help with various mental health disorders like depression or bipolar disorder, but they can also be used purely for kicking back and tripping with some friends on a Saturday night.

Intrigued by these mysterious fungi? Here are the best magic mushroom strains in Canada to try at the beginning of your hallucinogenic journey.

Best Magic Mushrooms In Canada, Our Top 3 Shrooms!

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms are one of the most popular shroom strains for anyone who wants to try hallucinogens for the first time. They get their name because of their golden caps, like a valedictorian strutting with their graduation cap to get their diploma.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms Canada
Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher shrooms have an average potency, so you’ll feel strong effects without worrying about a bad trip. Your experience will be shorter than average at only about two to four hours, but don’t let that put you off this variety. A shorter trip is an advantage for beginners who aren’t sure whether they’ll like the feelings or the hallucinations accompanying a mushroom trip. You can always move on to more potent varieties later.

People who use Golden Teacher report a very calm, relaxing experience. While you’re on this type of magic mushroom, you might feel some nausea or anxiety, but that’s fairly rare. Some common enjoyable effects include euphoria and introspection. There’s a strong body component to this type of mushroom, so make sure you can find a nice place to chill out. You’ll probably experience some mild visuals, but they’ll be weaker than on some other types of shrooms.

Penis Envy Mushrooms

If you look at a picture of the Penis Envy mushroom, you’ll probably be able to figure out where it got its name. These shrooms look like large penises, with a broad white stem and a large bulbous cap. Laugh all you want, but this mushroom isn’t messing around.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Canada
Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy shrooms are definitely the best Cubensis strain if you’re looking for a strong trip. Many consider them to be the most potent option. During their Psilocybin Cup which measures the strongest strains, the Oakland Hyphae found that the average potency of Penis Envy varieties can be 50% to 100% stronger than your average Cubensis type.

Penis Envy mushrooms produce strong visual effects and allow you to have a deeply introspective experience. You might feel joy, euphoria, abstract thinking, a care-free mood, and a connection to the world while you’re tripping on this shroom. Some describe having a “wavy” visual hallucination. Penis Envy also takes effect sooner than other varieties, and it can feel much “heavier.”

You’ll feel the effects of Penis Envy mushrooms about 20 minutes to an hour after you consume them. Your trip will be much longer than some other strains, as it can last from five to 10 hours. Make sure to clear out the rest of your day before you try them!

Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Blue Meanie can refer to two different types of mushrooms: a strain of Psilocybe cubensis and the species Panaeolus cyanescens. Let’s talk about the P. cubensis strain.

Blue Meanie Mushrooms Canada
Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Blue Meanie is one of the most potent and best shroom strains. You’ll feel a high that’s both visual and physical when you consume them. You’re likely to experience intense auditory and visual hallucinations, so this is the variety for you if you want to feel you’re inside a kaleidoscope. Some of the effects can be described as energetic, introspective, and euphoric. These shrooms can be a little strong for new users, so we’d recommend taking a less potent strain like Golden Teacher first before you graduate to this strain.

Users will start tripping about 45 minutes to an hour after they consume Blue Meanie shrooms. However, the effects can continue to intensify for a long time. Your total trip can last between four to five hours.

Blue Meanie can make some of the best psilocybe edibles, and you can also smoke them, take them with tea, or make a smoothie.

Trying Magic Mushrooms For The First Time?

If you want to try magic mushrooms for the first time, make sure you’re in a controlled environment where you feel comfortable. If possible, it is recommended to have a sober person watch you and help you out if you have a bad trip. Find a comfortable place to sit and have plenty of snacks and water ready.

Typical Side Effects When Taking Magic Mushrooms

Some common side effects of taking shrooms include nausea, paranoia, drowsiness, and muscle weakness. Watch out for these symptoms, and if they occur, remind yourself that they’re normal and that they will go away by the end of your trip.

Magic mushrooms allow you to change the way you perceive the world. Whether you’re interested in microdosing mushrooms, taking them recreationally, or using them for medicine to help with your mental health, these best magic mushroom strains will get the job done.


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