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MOM’s Online Dispensary Coupon Codes

If you are looking for the best online dispensary deals from a mail order marijuana (MOM) shop, you have found our stash of online dispensary coupon codes in Canada. MOM’s online dispensary will be updating this weekly with fresh weed deals and discount codes from our shop plus we will feature our best budget buds.

Our best coupon codes for first time Online Dispensary Deals

If you are new to online dispensaries and looking to save money on your first purchase, you are in luck. Save with those promo codes on all products just for signing up or following us on reddit.

Save $25 On Your First Order.

When you sign up with MOM’s Online Dispensary, you instantly receive a $25 account credit. No coupon needed! On top of that, you will get free shipping on orders over $150.

If you prefer to save up those points, no problem!

Use MOMs Online Dispensary Code MOM20 on your first order and save 20%

This code works instead of the $25 savings. You can use it on your first purchase only and keep your points for another order.

Use Online Dispensary Code MOM15 on your next order to save 15%

This online dispensary promo code for MOM’s works on any order for first time users and must be used within your first 5 orders and cannot be combined with point redemption.

See All New Products Here

Save Up to 15% On MOM’s Online Dispensary with Product Reviews

Leave a review after purchasing and receiving your cannabis product and you will be sent an email with a unique code for our online dispensary. This is only for verified reviews of purchases. You will be sent a reminder email after purchasing incase you forget! We want honest reviews, so don’t feel the need to make it overly positive if the product was not up to your standard. Review’s are great for us and for other members or customers looking for the right product and making sure it will work for them.

Get $25 Off Your First Purchase

Plus! – Get Additional Coupon Codes To Keep Saving After Your First Purchase.

Save 15% On Edibles with Online Dispensary Code EDB15

Use our dispensary discount code to save 15% on all edibles. This one time code is for new or existing users. Save on THC gummies, Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars, Fat Boy Gummies, THC Drinks, BuudaBombs and any other in stock edibles.

See All Edibles Here

Save 15% On Concentrates from MOMs Online Dispensary with Coupon Code CC15

This promo code will save you 15% on any concentrates such as Shatter, Distillate, THC Syringe, Resin, Rosen from Mary Jay Shatter, Gas Garden Diamond Sauce, and Herb Angels. This is a one time use coupon code for members.

See All Concentrates Here

Save 10% On Hash From MOM’s Online Dispensary with Promo Code HH10

Save 10% on Diamond Hash, Red Lebanese Premium Hash, Afghani Premium Hash, and Mazar Sharif Premium Hash. See our picks for Top Hash In Canada here. This online dispensary code is a one time use code and cannot be combined with other offers.

See All Hash Here

Save 10% On Mushrooms with Online Dispensary Promo Code MR10

Use promo code MR10 at MOM’s Online Dispensary and save 10% on your next mushroom purchase. This code is usable on all dried mushrooms as well as mushroom chocolate edibles or gummies. Try Golden Teacher Mushrooms, or Blue Meanie Mushrooms as well as Brainstorm Bars, and Alice Mushroom edibles. This promo code is one time use only.

See All Mushrooms Here

Save 15% on all Cannabis Flowers with MOM’s Online Dispensary Promo Code CF15

Save on AAAA weed, AAA cannabis, budget buds, and cheap weed on sale. This online dispensary discount code works on all indica, sativa and hybrid strains and is a one time use discount code. This is a one time use code and cannot be combined with other offers. *Excludes OZ Bags.

See All Cannabis Flowers Here

Save 5% On All Ounce Bags. Use Dispensary Code OZ5 at MOM’s Online Dispensary

Save 5% on already low priced OZ bags from our online dispensary. Promo code OZ5 is one time use only on all ounce bags including all ounce bag deals starting from $60 and up.

See All Ounce Bag Deals Here

Save 10% On Vaporizers with MOM’s Dispensary Code VP10

Save on all Vaporizer products (excludes buy 3 get 4th free deal) including Mary Jay 0.5ml tips, Rocky Mountain 1ml tips and a Vape Pen Battery and accessories.

Use online dispensary code VP10 at checkout to apply this one time use discount code

See All Vape Pens and Vaporizers Here

Save 15% ON CBD Oil, CBD Edibles & CBD Gummies with Promo Code CBD15

This online dispensary promo code for CBD includes all Releaf CBD products like Pure CBD Oil, CBD Body Therapy Balm, Spectrum CBD gummies, and Herb Angels CBD plus Distillate. Use one time use dispensary promo code CBD15 is for all CBD products.

See All CBD Products Here

Online Dispensary Promo Code Reddit

Save 5% when you follow us on reddit! Follow us and send us an email via our contact form showing that or message us on reddit and we will give you the code. That simple! This is another one time use online dispensary promo code for MOM’s dispensary.

Follow us here:


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