Sativa Cannabis Strain - What is it?

Guide to Sativa Cannabis

Sativa strains are the ideal daytime weed and will offer many different benefits. For the newbies, Sativas are a great way to experience the head high, but try to find a strain with a balance of some CBD

Sativa cannabis is a distinct category of weed strain that offers specific benefits for the weed consumer. Sativa is well known for its ‘high’ quality and offering the consumer a creative high. Sativa strains are beneficial as a daytime high because they offer qualities that are uplifting rather than relaxing. 

Sativa Weed Effects

As we mentioned above – Sativa is the ideal strain for that daytime high. It offers an uplifting sensation that leaves the smoker feeling active and ready to take on the day. After smoking or eating Sativa strains many people feel like doing something active – like going for a hike, cleaning, dancing, creating new things. You may have noticed that this is drastically different from the Indica strain – which is why it is important to pay attention to what strain you are smoking. 

While Indica has high levels of THC that lend to the strong relaxation qualities – Sativa is the opposite. So instead of worrying about becoming stuck to the couch – Sativa smokers should be cautious of feeling nervous or anxious when smoking the stronger strains. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety you may want to explore the benefits of a Sativa hybrid – this can bring the best of both worlds! 

The research surrounding exactly why cannabis strains have different effects is still a little unclear – but that does not mean we know nothing. Thanks to the identified medicinal benefits and legalization people want to understand cannabis and working hard to do so. In order to better understand how a Sativa strain looks you need to understand the breakdown: 

THC in Sativa Cannabis

THC is the compound in cannabis that creates that ‘high’ feeling. It will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric. Some Sativa strains have high levels of THC which lend to the creative qualities of the plant. It is also important to note that a high THC level can have a negative impact on those suffering from anxiety as it can create a nervous or paranoid feeling. 

CBD in Sativa Cannabis

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. It is responsible for both the relaxation and pain relieving qualities of the plant. It is often considered the neutralizer in the cannabis plant. So for those looking for a Sativa strain without the anxiety – a strain with a godo CBD level might be the right one for you. 

Medical Benefits

Cannabis is well known for many different medicinal benefits and the Sativa strains have some specific benefits. Let’s go over a few! 

How Sativa Cannabis helps with Depression

Due to the Sativa strains head high it is able to help improve one’s mood. For those suffering from depression Sativa can be a great way to take yourself out of a depressive mood. It has actually been considered by some to be a natural antidepressant. 

How Sativa Cannabis helps with Chronic Pain

With high THC levels Sativa strains are a great way to relieve pain. For those who suffer from chronic pain have indicated that Sativa strains help to alleviate the pain and create energy. 

How Sativa Cannabis helps with ADHD

For those coping with ADHD – you may not realize that Sativa strains are highly beneficial. Sativa strains help those with ADHD to focus on tasks allowing them to better concentrate. 

How Sativa Cannabis Stimulates Appetite

Smoking weed creates the munchies – for some this may be a bad thing but for others this can be a huge benefit. Sativa strains offer the medicinal benefit of creating natural hunger stimulants helping people who are coping with things like eating disorders and cancer. 

Features of the Sativa Plant

For those who are interested in growing their own Sativa harvest it is important to understand that Sativa plants have distinct needs and growing features. A Sativa plant can grow very tall – up to 20 feet even! When planting your seeds make sure you keep this in mind. Since Sativa plants have this distinct feature you will probably want to grow it outside – but only if it is under consistent warm weather. 

Besides height – Sativa plants also have very distinct looking leaves. They tend to be narrow and longer than Indica plants. Indica plants have a busy look and Sativa is just the opposite. Branches are spaced out and loosely connected to the plant. 

After 2-3 months, a Sativa plant should have flowered and be ready to harvest. Due to the origins of the plant (from warmer climates) it is important that those 2-3 months are spent under warm conditions – even if it is indoors. 

Sativa Cannabis Guide Summary

. For those skilled smokers out there – you already know the benefits of the strain and we are sure you are excited to see what will come in the future. Sativas will forever offer the creative type an awesome outlet, and be a great pain-relief option for many! We love Sativas and we love Sativa hybrids. 


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