Guide to Indica Cannabis

Indica is one of three categories created to describe the impacts of different cannabis strains. It is specifically known for its relaxing and sedative qualities which makes it ideal for many different purposes. Not only does Indica have its own distinct impact it also has a unique look that gives off a busy appearance.

A little history for you – the strain Indica originates from India. The name Indica became popular by a French natural scientist who discovered the strain on a trip to India. The name highlights the origin of the plant and also indicates the distinct strain impacts. This allows people to easily distinguish between the two strains and making an informed cannabis purchase. 

Indica Cannabis Effects

As mentioned above – Indica cannabis has distinct effects but something that most are not aware of is that Indica holds a high THC level. For some – indica might not be the best strain to start off with as it can hit pretty hard. 

For those who are looking for the ultimate relaxing trip – Indica is where you will want to start. The various strains of Indica highlight some of the key elements of strain. For example, some Indica strains will have you feeling extreme levels of relaxation and an almost sedated feeling. Other Indica strains can offer a strong body buzz and appetite stimulation – a great combination for the weed smoking foodie! As stated before – Indica strains can hold a strong THC level meaning they can hit you hard and sometimes a little too hard. It is best to always start slow with Indica strains as you want to avoid that woozy, light-headed feeling. And don’t forget the dreaded (or not – all depends on you!) couch lock – this is when you are literally locked to your couch. 

Indica offers a lot of different benefits for the smoker – make sure you read about the strain you are about to smoke so you have an idea of what to expect! 

Medical Effects Of Indica Cannabis

Before the legalization of cannabis in 2018 there were already many studies about the medical benefits of cannabis. Indica as a strain has its own specific benefits – here are some highlights:

Chronic Pain Relief

Indica offers strong pain-relieving effects. If you think about the description of relaxation, body buzz and sedation it is clear that all of these things would be beneficial for chronic pain. For many suffering from chronic pain they are grateful to be able to choose cannabis over the prescribed pain relievers. 

Muscle Relaxation

The relaxing effects of the Indica strain make it a top contender for muscle relaxation needs. For those with multiple sclerosis indica strains can help to alleviate the discomfort and pain caused from muscle spasms related to the disease. 

Headaches Relief

For those who suffer from bad headaches or even migraines, you may find some relief smoking Indica cannabis. The pain relieving qualities of the strain offer a great natural remedy for headaches. 

Anxiety Relief

Although this topic is still strongly debated – the reality is, many people have claimed that Indica strains have been beneficial for their anxiety. The calming and relaxing effects of the strain help anxious people to calm down in difficult situations. Indica strains can even help some people manage panic attacks. 

How Does Indica Weed Work?

Indica weed body highs are produced by highly potent cannabinoids. Marijuana plants have over 120 cannabinoids, which are responsible for creating cannabis’s signature high, among other effects. The most active cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

Indica has a high THC level and this is where most of the unique qualities of the plant come from. There are many different cannabinoids found in cannabis plants however the indica strain has a high concentration of THC and CBD. Let’s breakdown how that works.


THC is tetrahydrocannabinol – this is the ingredient responsible for the high, psychoactive feeling one gets from ingesting cannabis. This is also the ingredient that helps relieve pain and relaxation. This is why Indica, with such a heavy THC level is such a good pain reliever. 


CBD is the other active cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD is different from THC because it does not provide the psychoactive high like THC. This is an important fact to note. CBD creates a calming effect which is beneficial for many different reasons such as panic attacks, seizures, and anxiety. CBD is considered to be the neutralizer in the cannabis plant. 

Features of the Indica Plant

For those who are interested in harvesting their own cannabis it is important to understand that Indica strain plants have a very distinct appearance. And not only does it look different – it even acts different. Indica plants tend to be shorter and bushier. They grow broad leaves that are densely packed. If you are interested in growing Indica plants we recommend growing inside – with a 2 to 3 month growing period. 

Indica Cannabis Summary

Indica is a strain that offers so much to the cannabis community. The various strains that have been created offer specific benefits for the consumer and we could not be happier. Being able to choose a strain that targets a problem is ideal for any smoker! So whether you want to chill on the couch or just feel physically better – Indica strains are ideal.


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