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Buying Weed in Canada – The Advantages Of Using An Online Dispensary

Canada is at the head of the pack when it comes to weed acceptance – the first G7 nation to make the recreational use of marijuana and cannabis-based products legal for non-medicinal use. This has been great news for users, but at the same time, it has created some confusion as to what exactly consumers should know when it comes to buying weed in this country.

We thought it would be a good idea to take some time and go through the options you as a consumer now have.  Foremost among them, we’d like to highlight the online buying approach, probably the simplest, most convenient way to go about acquiring your cannabis, budget buds, edibles, and everything else related to recreational marijuana.

Online Cannabis Dispensary in Canada

While brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries are out there, we’ve all seen the difficulties associated with them.  In some provinces, there are simply not many, or any at all in some smaller towns.  It’s been a complex approval process in many provinces.  Stores have come and gone, regulations have made things difficult.

At the same time, in some areas there are more dispensaries than coffee shops, leading to lower product quality as its shelf life grows older.

The ability to buy weed online has eliminated all the hassles of in-person shopping.  You can simply pick an online dispensary, scroll through their product line, and take advantage of the more extensive cannabis product selection and get delivery right to your door.

Advantages of Online Cannabis Shopping

There are numerous advantages to utilizing an online dispensary for your cannabis purchases; some of them we’ve already touched on:

Your purchase is just a few clicks away – one thing’s for sure.  The online dispensaries have their act together.  It’s almost a little bewildering to find how simple it is to browse their selection and add to your cart – no mess, no fuss, no worries, compared to how you had to go about it just a short time ago.  Most sites are very well designed and run, focusing on ease of use, and you will probably be astounded by the variety.

Quality of the product – your online dispensary usually has lots of reviews from users, as well as easy product comparisons for distinguishing between THC levels, and types of strains such as Indica, Sativa or Hybrids.  You can shop with confidence, knowing that the weed you’re purchasing, whether premium-priced, or budget buds, is all of good graded quality and will achieve a good high and depending on the strains or product you buy can help with your anxiety, stress, pain or other ailments.

Home delivery of your cannabis products – not only are you making your purchase from the comfort of your home; the online dispensary will bring your order to your door.  It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s discreet. Some online dispensaries even offer same day weed delivery within hours.

How to order weed from from an online dispensary

Your online dispensary offers competitive pricing – online marijuana dispensaries in Canada can pass along their savings to you, the customer.  As a net-based operation, they don’t have to worry about fancy storefronts, expensive rent, and other operational costs associated with bricks and mortar operations.  This allows them to offer lower pricing, along with promotions, sales, discounts, and freebies traditional storefronts may not be able to.  They can also pass along lower shipping rates, making your delivery charges very affordable.  Online dispensaries are in a competitive field; they’ll do everything they can to attract and keep you as a customer.

The variety from an online dispensary can be staggering – again, because they are not bound by the limitations of a storefront, an online operation, working out of a quality controlled warehouse, can offer a broader range of products and entire product lines.  If you’re in the mood for something different or just want to sample some alternatives, an online dispensary is definitely the way to go. Quite simply the range in cannabis products from edibles, flowers, hash, CBD & hemp products is always fresh with many more types of strains or potency between each product.

Brick and mortar simply cannot stock as much variety of cannabis-related products – they have to stick to what they know sells best and what they can fit into their limited space.

High-quality products throughout – your online dispensary are bound by strict regulation. You can be assured that you’re receiving a safe, adequately packaged product, securely wrapped for shipping to your address.  Many dispensaries will offer a product replacement if you are not satisfied – that’s how confident they are of their products and order processing capability. 

This applies to everything they carry, from their cheap weed and budget buds, to their premium-priced cannabis, along with their other products and accessories.  Look for the online or mail-order marijuana dispensaries that offer this type of explicit guarantee.

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Restrictions when Buying Weed Online

When you buy weed online, you are subject to the same regulations and limitations as you would be buying from a physical store.  This would include proof of age, which in general is 19-years or older.  Each province has its specific regulations and rules.  That means when you’re making your online weed purchase, proof of age will be required; generally, this is in the form of presenting ID upon delivery.  The government has gone out of its way to keep weed out of the hands of minors as they introduced the legalization process. Everyone has to play by the same rules.

Buying Weed in Canada – Online is now the easiest way to purchase Cannabis

The purchase of cannabis-related products through online dispensaries is something you ought to consider, for all the reasons we’ve just mentioned and more.  The system put in place assures your weed purchase is as secure and convenient as possible.  Physical stores are great too, for those who like the idea of personal interaction and having a bud-tender suggest a product.

But in the vast majority of instances, we believe that customers simply want to buy weed easily, quickly, and in many cases, discreetly.  An online dispensary performs this function beautifully, with all the other features and benefits we’ve talked about here. Happy cannabis shopping!


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