$60 Ounce Deal Canada

New members can purchase an OZ for $60 (Normally $99+) – Signup Here to become a member. Once you signup you will be automatically sent promo codes, plus a link to get this deal right away.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

In ounce of weed contains 28.3 grams. 

This will change each week as we update the deal. Please see the product description which will tell you the strain and and THC and CBD levels as well as kind of strain such as Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

You bet! It is simply one of our regular ounces but offered at a discount price for new members. 

The $60 Ounce deal is a one time buy for new customers and is not part of any other promotions. Our regular ounce deals are all available for any promotional codes we offer. 

Click here to register. You will then submit your information and will be automatically sent your login details as well as the link to all our deals including the $60 OZ Deal.

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