Rare Cannabis Strains in Canada

5 Hard To Get Rare Strains in Canada

Hard to get strains in Canada in 2022 and when they will be available again. Plus background and origins of the strains and what some of them have evolved in to now.

Rare strains as it would suggest are hard to find. Some of us are looking for something new thats realistically very old and possibly does not even exist in its OG form anymore. This short list of 5 strains is combination of weed strains that you can sometimes rarely get, and a couple that are virtually non existent these days.

Updated April 23 2022


Bruce Banner

20% – 30% THC

This rare and typically expensive strain easily averages over 20% THC and you can sometimes find it with up to 30% THC levels. The sativa dominant strain is known for its energizing and cerebral high. It’s a powerful hyrbid strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz. This is a must have strain that here at MOM’s Dispensary we are able to get in a few times a year and only lasts days.

Lamb’s Breath

22% – 28% THC

Some call this strain Lamb’s bread, and some claim that they are two different strains. Regardless, it can be hard to get it/them. Reggae legend Bob Marley has claimed this to be his favorite strain. As you may of guessed by now this legendary sativa strain comes from Jamaica. The Lamb’s Bread strain is what you are looking for to raise creativity and euphoria in unison.


15% – 20% THC

Chronic to most people is just weed in general, particularly dank weed sometimes, or just a nice OG oldschool way of saying Cannabis (shoutout to DRE). However, Chronic is actually a very potent strain. While the term was made famous by Dre, the strain was particularly famous itself at the same time in the 90’s, and if you are lucky you can still find it here in Canada on rare occasions. The strain has a delicious and diverse range of flavours and aroma, with combinations of citrus, spice and lemon. Chronic is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Northern Lights with Skunk and AK-47 and is particularly good for daytime use for its hefty energy.

Black Diamond - Quadzilla Cannabis

Black Diamond

22% – 25% THC

This indica dominant hybrid was fused as its name suggests from Blackberry and Diamond OG, it is an extremely rare strain which cannot be found easily online or in local dispensaries. As a high quality hybrid strain, it is extremely potent and is primarily used for medicinal purposes and treating a number of conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, OCD, PTSD, anxiety and stress.

Columbian Red aka Red Haze

20% – 22% THC

Lets dip back to the 1970s, Columbian Red or Red Haze as it is more reference now was the most popular strain. It can be extremely difficult to find and you may have better luck finding it when searching for Red Haze instead. In the last few decades it has all but disappeared and the few times companies have attempted to bring it back have said it has lacked its original qualities of aromas and strain effects. Tread cautiously when ordering this strain if you can manage to find it.

Where can you get these rare strains?

If you are looking to get your hands on some these rare strains, be sure to check out MOM’s Dispensary weekly or add yourself to the newsletter below for rare strain updates. MOM’s online dispensary is always bringing the best cannabis strains in Canada every week. Our product is lab tested and comes packaged discreetly with humidity control on our AAAA strains.


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